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Turning Research Into Practice – Discovering Economic Benefits on The Foundation of Rich Research Results.

Taiwan's universities and research laboratories have accumulated a background of decades in development competence and scientific research. These high-value technologies are the key to open up a new era of business innovation, transformation and upgrade!

To bring research results into the market to accelerate upgrade momentum and create innovations, the Ministry of Science and Technology strived to eliminate regulatory obstacles and launched a "TRUST-U" program to encourage researchers to commercialize their scientific research results, and thereby boost "academic entrepreneurship" to ultimately create higher value of these thick technologies from laboratory!

In addition to providing access to early stage risk capital, MOST TRUST-U program has urged to setup a national accelerator, Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI), to provide counselling service to the teams. As a trail companion, TSI provides startup teams with a full range of assistance including entrepreneurship training courses, business model establishment, patents, financing, equity planning, linkages to domestic and overseas funds, and collaboration opportunities.

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TSI – Accelerate the Momentum of Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures

TSI provides a full range of services for "TRUST-U teams". Since the implementation of the TRUST-U program, TSI has provided counselling services to over 70 startup teams. Task force teams are gathered for assisting start-ups from different fields of expertise. With the effort of domestic/overseas resources and business cooperation opportunities, TSI has enabled 15 professors to launch their business successfully, creating market value of up to NT$3.76 billion.

The team led by Dr. Chiu-Chung Young from NCHU has developed a Rapid Organic Waste Recycling Technology that can convert organic waste into organic fertilizer within 3 hours. This innovation has helped the team to raise NT$300 million in its first round fundraising, and its pricing of technology-based IP hits a record-high in Ministry of Science and Technology. The team of “Bing-Fei Wu from NCTU” developed the “Video-based Vitals Signs Healthcare System” and received a strategic investment from a corporate venture capitalist. Its current post-money valuation is estimated around NT$ 500 million. The "Ultra-high-speed network chip solution" developed by the team of Prof. Jri Lee from NTU has attracted a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and the post-money valuation is expected to reach NT$450 million.

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