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Taiwan Startup Institute:

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From professor to entrepreneur, from research work to real business

Have you ever thought about how your lifetime of hard work is actually full of business opportunities?

Your extraordinary research should not only be presented in academic journals but also in real-world markets. Bring the powerful momentum behind your R&D out of the ivory tower, and turn it into a scalable and viable business!

Taiwan Startup Institute, TSI, runs the only national-level accelerator program in Taiwan, aiming to help academic research groups start new businesses. TSI provides a full range of mentoring and training, as well as synthesizing a wide range of resources at home and abroad to help set up highly valued technical teams and startups.

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Successfully enter the market

Professor begins successful startup with NT$300 million raised in the seed round

Led by Dr. Chiu-Chung Young, the team behind the innovative "Rapid waste recycling, turning leftovers to organic fertilizer" technology initiative received a total investment of NT$300 million from Diamond BioFund Inc. and Mega Investment Group, a truly astonishing break-through for the commercialization of this technology. Dr. Young is a professor at National Chung Hsing University and is also an elected member of Academia Sinica. He and his team recognize the potential for various business opportunities in the environmental protection market, including in the organic fertilizer market worth an estimated NT$7.2 billion in Taiwan and as much as NT$1 trillion worldwide.

"The Ministry of Science and Technology hopes that through TRUST-U, a matching service provided by the TSI, the ministry may facilitate successful application of connections between academia and industry. Diamond BioFund Inc. has decided to invest NT$300 million in Dr. Young's project 'Rapid waste recycling, turning leftovers to organic fertilizer.' This is a great demonstration of our matching service," said Chen Liang-gee, Minister of Science and Technology.

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