The TRUST-U Project, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, aims to enhance collaboration between universities, businesses, and research institutions. It also plans to facilitate and expedite the commercialization of Research and Development (R&D) results from academia for mass production. New products and startups could emerge from academic research with the support of TRUST-U. As new businesses prosper, more values will be created for the whole startup ecosystem and society at wide will benefit. The TRUST-U Project encourages universities to leverage their basic research capabilities and facilities to develop advanced and innovative industrial technologies, produce key intellectual properties, and contribute to successful startups or mergers and acquisitions (M&As).


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Taiwan Startup Institute

Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI) was established to help accelerate the commercialization of startup teams in the TRUST-U Project. As a national-level accelerator, TSI invites industry professionals to support TRUST-U teams in product innovation and entrepreneurship. The institute also connects its startup teams with both domestic and international venture capitals, professional networks in related industries, other startups teams and research facilities. TSI aims to nurture high-valuation startup companies or M&As by fine-tuning and optimizing the TRUST-U teams’ business models and defining their market position and product segmentation.

TSI's Missions:

1) To mentor TRUST-U teams and play the role of a goalkeeper —monitoring and evaluating the progress and key milestones for the commercialization of their technology. 2) To equip teams with essential business skills, such as pitch skills, capital structuring, taxation consideration, sales and marketing. 3) To connect the teams with incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists around the world for international exposure. 4) To arrange co-working space for TRUST-U teams. 5) To discover and identify teams with high potential and recruit them into the project.

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