Pre-Training Camp of Fukuoka Startup Drafting

Taiwan is an island country, so naturally, the success of startup businesses not only relies on the local market but the markets overseas have become just as crucial. Japan is a mature, culturally similar country, with a large high value-oriented consumer market — it is ideal for first-time international expansion of Taiwan’s startup companies. However, Japan’s traditional culture, market restrictions, encapsulation, and general exclusiveness are puzzles to foreign enterprises attempting to enter the Japanese market and Fukuoka in particular.

Expanding overseas has always been perceived as a high-risk investment, so when Fukuoka was established as the National Strategic Special Zone of startups, it gained immediate popularity among international startups. Fukuoka provides foreign venture enterprises with intact landing service, including investment and Industrial Value Creation Program, which all contributes to making Fukuoka a popular partner city.  

Every November, the city hosts the Fukuoka Venture Drafting, a very important pre-training camp for venture companies. In 2016, Golface from Taiwan came in first place and received both visas and contracts with local businesses such as the Nishitetsu Train. Golface grew rapidly soon after as they were able to sell their services to large-scale markets. The Fukuoka Venture Drafting aims to train startup team members to put into drafting, bettering their chances of expanding their business to Japan.

Activity Poster

Da-Sheng Lee (李達生), Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration,

with Ryan Yang (楊涵淳),CEO of Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI),

welcoming Japanese guests.

Da-Sheng Lee, Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration of

Taipei Tech, introducing Trust-U Program.

Ryan Yang, CEO of TSI introducing the institute.

Mr. Junichi Anazawa explaining the startup ecosystem of Fukuoka city

and entrepreneur visa policies.

Mr. Shota Morozumi presenting Fukuoka city F-Venture and market

opportunities at Fukuoka city.

Mr. Makoto Maeda introducing the Technology Licensing Organization of

Kyushu University.

Group photo.

Post-activity networking.