Taiwan Startup Institute held the kick-off ceremony for TRUST-U Program on Oct. 25.

The Vice President of Taiwan, Chien-Jen Chen (陳建仁) and Minister of Science and Technology, Liang-Ki Chen (陳良基) both attended the event. The Vice President said at the event that Taiwan should take the initiative to develop innovative businesses and reach for the international market. “Let the world see Taiwan’s entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.

Accompanied by the Minister of Science and Technology, the vice president visited many booths hosted by startup teams and learned about the startups’ stories and their innovative products. “I’m very happy to see so many professors willing to come out of their comfort zones to create cutting-edge technologies and invest in startups — for Taiwan’s future. I’m glad to see the representatives of so many different countries, and both domestic and foreign investors for showing their support for international partnerships,” said Vice President Chen.

The Vice President also said that innovation and entrepreneurship is a global trend and that Taiwan needs to be proactive in showcasing the accumulated work of the past few years. He stressed that the government is ready in human resources, laws, and regulations and that Taiwan is now ready for the challenge.

“The best companies are the result of founders that want to change the world,” said Vice President Chen, quoting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Technology Minister Liang-Ki Chen pointed out that many Taiwanese startups are excellent at developing first-class technology but does not do enough marketing, so the Ministry of Science and Technology has the obligation to promote these technologies.

Professor Yi Zhang (張翼) of National Chiao Tung University, introducing future market application developments of products.

Professor Kuo-Lun Tung (童國倫) of National Taiwan University showing plans to develop related products.

Professor Qiu-Zhong Yang (楊秋忠) of Chung Hsing University briefing the Vice President on innovative technologies.