(News report form Taipei Tech )-

Taipei Tech’s i-Foundry and InnoMaking Space celebrated its second anniversary on Nov. 9,2017. i-Foundry aims to assist startups with funding, consulting, and office space. The institution has already helped over 70 teams and individuals since it was established in 2015, 20 percent of which were women, according to i-Foundry’s Director, Professor Saiau-Yue Tsau (曹筱玥). Seeing Taipei Tech’s outstanding achievement in helping startups and promoting maker culture, the Ministry of Technology decided to establish the Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI) on the University’s campus. As a national-level accelerator, the TSI would help those in the Trust-U Program for Academia to find opportunities in Taiwan and abroad.

Many distinguished guests were present at the TSI opening ceremony, including Taipei Tech President Professor Wen-Lung Li (黎文龍), CEO of TSI, Ryan Yang (楊涵淳) and Vice President of Investment Steve Hsu (徐竹先), Taipei Tech Dean of Industry-Academia Cooperation, Professor Da-Sheng Lee (李達生), Dean of Research and Development, Professor Zhao-Jin Su (蘇昭瑾). The event was celebrated with exciting performances and a birthday cake for i-Foundry’s two-year anniversary.

Guests and staff members of TSI

Wen-Lung Li (黎文龍), President of Taipei Tech

Taipei Tech’s Dean of Industry-Academia Cooperation Professor Da-Sheng Lee (李達生)

From left to right: Taipei Tech Dean of Industry-Academia Cooperation, Professor Da-Sheng

Lee, Vice president of investment, Steve Hsu, CEO of TSI, Ryan Yang, President of Taipei Tech,

Wen-Lung Li, Dean of Research and Development Professor Su Zhao-Jin, Director of i-Foundry

Tsau Saiau-Yue.

Group photo