Silicon Valley Tour of Taiwan Startup Institute

Since the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the Trust-U Program, Ryan Yang (楊涵淳), CEO of Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI), led startup teams to the Silicon Valley for the first time. Primarily assisting them to connect with international Venture Capital (VC) and create international cooperation opportunities — while presenting the innovation capabilities of Taiwanese venture enterprises.

Last year, six teams were selected to visit the Bay Area and meet VCs, international enterprises and participate in the 2018 CES Taiwan Tech Star Pitch Night. The teams were hand-picked from five very different areas, including Asia Silicon Valley, Circular Economy, New Agriculture, Smart Machinery, and Biomedical.

At the pitch night, the startup teams presented their latest research achievements — attracting the attention of many international VCs. In preparation for the trip, TSI held professional training courses for the teams; inviting famous Taiwanese VCs to mentor on presentations and networking tips for the Silicon Valley.

The TSI startup teams met with many VC firms on the recent trip to the Silicon Valley, such as Vivo Capital, HONE, Capital, IndieBio, Nordic Innovation House, and Hanhai International Inc, just to name a few.

The startup teams were led by many professors from prestigious Taiwanese universities, including Professor Han-Jia Lin (林翰佳) of National Taiwan Ocean University whose team has successfully developed the Super Carbon Dot Bactericide; the team led by Professor Ming-Shi Chang (張明熙) of National Cheng Kung University, was devoted to researching the Il-20 Antibody Drug For Curing Diseases; and the Anti-Myopia Eye drop developed by Professor Suh-Hang Juo’s (卓夙航) team from China Medical University. All the teams received great interest from the attending VCs. 

TSI has also cooperated with ASVDS for startup teams to participate in their fundraising event. The team led by Professor Jyh-Shing Roger Jang (張智星) of National Taiwan University was well received by attending VCs and looks forward to providing more video learning services using key audio technology.

Aside from connecting the startup teams to more international resources, TSI also arranged for the teams to meet with several different types of companies and all of whom has gestured to consult the teams on raising funds in the U.S.  The companies include Velodyne, which has successfully transformed from traditional technology industry to the autonomous vehicles industry, UTStarcom which adapted into the U.S market using a new business model, and vArmour which raised funding from many different companies for its information security business.

In addition, the team led by Jing-Chung Shen (沈金鐘) of National Hu-wei University of Science and Technology, met with AgilePoint for potential collaboration plans. The Silicon Valley’s business process management company can provide business stream-lining services to the team, while the team focuses on its automation technology — a win-win for all.

TSI prides itself in helping realize the technology innovation ideas of various startups — striving to create unicorns with international competitiveness. By connecting startup teams to the appropriate technologies, markets, capitals, and human resources, it strives to accelerate the development of cutting-edge technology in Taiwan and connect industry with academia.

The Silicon Valley is the most well-known startup city, gathering entrepreneurs and VCs from around the world.

In the future, TSI will continue to build international connections with countries like Israel and the Netherlands and create various collaboration opportunities.

Group photo of tour members  in front of Velodyne LiDAR.

Trust-U Startup teams visiting Plug And Play Startup Accelerator. 

Ryan Yang, CEO of TSI lead Trust-U Startup teams to participate 

2018 CES Taiwan Tech Star Exhibition. 

Trust-U Startup teams visiting Vivo Capital.

Group photo of tour members  in front of Agilepoint Inc.