Profile of MOST's Taiwan Startup Institute

Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan Startup Institute (TSI)is a national-level startup accelerator, and has the mission of uncovering promising R&D results hidden away at universities and research institutions, and guiding aspiring technologieson the way towards commercialization.TSI also promotes the establishment of startups involved in the commercial development of these technologies,which willtransform schools' R&D results into tangible industrial assets. TSI is composed of professionalswith experience and expertise in criticalareas such as finance, law, investment fund-raising, and industry; and helpsstartupteams fine-tunetheir business models, navigate regulatory pathways, and perform market assessment and financial and equity planning. TSI also provides connections to the knowledge, training classes, and external resources needed by innovative startups,including links to domestic and foreign angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate investment departments, and private fund-raising channels. TSI is committed to creating even more exciting success stories in Taiwan!

Ryan Yang was the chairman of Taipei Angels Investment which was founded in 2012 with 80+ angel investors. Ryan has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. He worked for a Softbank Group-backed internet company in the Bay Area during the dot-com era. Ryan was also with a Nasdaq-listed company, where he led global online marketing efforts. Ryan was the co-founder and president of a Silicon Valley e-tailer which was named among the US Top 500 Online Retailers.

Kevin has had many years of practical experience, such as industry analysis, investment evaluation and financial management operations, in large-scale Venture Capital and listed companies, including electronic components, semiconductor, opto-electronic, information communication, precision machinery, and the chain restaurant industry. He has had the opportunity to fully participate in business establishment, fundraising, plant construction, auditing, and so on, and served as the director and supervisor of investment businesses up to their IPO, acting as a consultant to government foundation in financial management, system establishment and project review. In addition, Kevin has qualifications in Consultancy and Certified Internal Auditing (CIA).

Justin is a seasoned financial professional. He has extensive experience in banking, investment, risk management and financial planning. Justin started his career in a major bank in Taiwan, and during this period he helped in structuring a USD10Bn project finance and syndication loan for a power plant. He was in charge of capital budgeting and financial planning and analysis for the USD300M division at Air Products, rotating to a headquarters in Allentown, PA for 15 months. At Intel, Justin was Credit Manager and managed customer risk for Greater China and Korea, with annual sales totaling up to USD2Bn. Justin is also a managing partner at Taipei Angels Inc., where he helped to conduct pre-screen, due diligence and post-investment management of portfolio companies. Justin has already passed the CFA Level 3 Exam. He is a certified FRM (Financial Risk Manager) and CICP (Certified International Credit Professional from FCIB).

Anchi Chiang has 15+ years’ experience in the investment field. Anchi led Investor Relations for an EV corporation by communicating the company’s financial and operational performance as well as the business outlook to investors. She Identified institutional investors and developed a strategy to sustain institutional investors’ holdings of stocks. A goal-oriented individual with bilingual capabilities in both Chinese and English, and a thorough understanding of business strategy, Anchi demonstrates excellent management skills. Anchi has coordinated in M&A, JV, corporate investment deals and mid-long term strategic development, completed capital raising in common stock and ECB. Previously, Anchi worked at a boutique private equity firm where she focused on a variety of investments across industries in the Asia-Pacific region including real estate investment in China. Prior to the private equity firm, Anchi was in corporate finance with banking, working on corporate advise, mergers and acquisitions and syndication project financing. Earlier Anchi was in the capital market as an equity sales for the Taiwan domestic market who succeeded in increasing the rate of return for clients (fund managers). Anchi earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois. Prior to Business school, Anchi received her B.S. in Finance from the University of Colorado, where she served as Vice President of the Taiwanese Student Association.

Becket Huang graduated from the Research Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, dedicated to the fields of agricultural chemistry and analytical chemistry. She has served as an application engineer in a listed semiconductor company, and the project manager of business in a chemical-related company, and has had many years of experience in the customer application and market development of chemical precision instruments. Joining TSI in 2017 as a project manager, she helped the team's technology commercialization process, assisting teams in market development and business development, discovering potential new projects, assisting in fundraising, client linking and product sales assistance. Main areas of expertise include New Agriculture, Biotechnology, Medicine and Chemistry field.

Candice Lee holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from National Yang-Ming University, majoring in biomaterials, and specializing in the research and development of polymeric anti-cancer drug delivery systems. Her research fields include chemical synthesis, biochemical analysis, cell and tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. After graduation, she joined a Taiwan-listed biotechnology company as business manager, assisting the company in transforming from antibody manufacture into the field of precision medicine. Her achievements include development of a clinical diagnostic laboratory, related testing reagents and instruments, and the formulation of sales strategies and market expansion in Taiwan and abroad. Candice joined TSI in 2019 and is responsible for team counseling in the biomedical field. With prior academic experience and a deep understanding of medical device regulations and industries, Candice assists bio-related teams in product commercializing and completing fundraising.

Claire is a senior project manager with international Project Management Professional (PMP) and is experienced in cross-ministry national projects, providing enterprise training for Fortune 100 companies. With a background in mass media and education, Claire has planned international forums and exhibitions with numerous foreign partners from various countries including US, Korea, Japan, China, and Singapore. During her time working at the Taiwan startup Hub as manager, she has assisted numerous startups with applying for resources not only from the Taiwanese government but also from the Japanese government, securing working space, tax reduction, and investments from Japanese Venture Capitalists in Fukuoka.

Daniel Chen, a senior investment consultant who has more than 15 years of experience in several fields such as investment evaluation, post-investment management, fundraising for startups and who is particularly familiar with Taiwan and Hong Kong capital market operations. He is skilled at investment planning, business negotiation, marketing management, analysis of startups, operation assessment, operational adjustment, and reorganizing to endow them with more value. He used to serve as a professional manager at several investment institutions, trust and securities companies, and participated in the establishment of Hong Kong securities trading and fund management platforms (type1, 4, 9 licensed companies), handling the planning and issuance of Asian real estate trust private equity funds.

Jon Lin was in charge of domestic equity investment and global equity research while serving in a global life insurance group and in the security industry. Mr. Lin has vision in the trend of deep technology and biotech related industries. During tenure in one of the Big Four accounting firms, Mr. Lin was responsible for auditing, internal control, and budgeting business for major listed companies. He led a team to enable private companies towards initial public offerings. In addition, Mr. Lin also founded an e-commerce team alongside professors and schoolmates and assisted in developing the management system and business expansion.

With vast experience in large-scale exhibitions and forums, Judy Chen excels in event management and conference organization. She once worked for a German exhibition company as a leader responsible for coordinating multiple professional exhibitions involving 600 exhibitors and 30,000 people. Her experience is drawn from the resource integration of large-scale events, including business development, marketing campaigns and coordination of exhibition affairs.

When working at a renowned domestic PR company, Judy headed up projects of political activities and strategic alliance from different business sectors, and has experience working with many well-known consumer companies. In addition, she has participated in multiple large-scale promotion projects in IT and telecommunication supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Her efforts focus not only on promotion activities, but on assisting the digital transformation of domestic SMEs to dig out new competitive advantages.