Taiwan Startup Institute

Taiwan Startup Institute, TSI, runs the only national-level accelerator program in Taiwan, aiming to help academic research groups start new business, and introduce real-world applications of academic research technology for market use. The institute provides a full range of mentoring and training services, as well as synthesizing a wide range of resources at home and abroad to help set up highly valued technical teams and startups.

Service areas

1. Take the initiative to discover and identify teams with high potential and recruit them into the project.
2. We bring together worldwide venture capital firms, professional networks, startups, and research institutes .
3. We help research teams optimize their business models, and define their market position and product segmentation.
4. We invite specialized lecturers and industry experts to provide startup training and mentoring .
5. Research teams will be given opportunities to take part in domestic and overseas exhibitions, and provided with extensive media coverage.

Trust-U Project

Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, TRUST-U aims to help shape academic research into startups. The program provides professors and academics with an opportunity to expand research work into real products or services. Enhancing the commercial viability of their research helps turn their work into valued busineses and ensures their startup dreams come true.

We encourage academics and professors to begin their startup journey by offering a sponsorship of up to NT$100 million per project. We welcome a wide variety of R&D technology and uncoventional innovations. Many of our new startups or highly valued technical teams mature within just one or two years.

Apply now to receive comprehensive mentoring, and a good amount of generous sponsorship!

5 Pillar Industries

In accordance with the central government's 5+2 Innovative Industries Plan , the TSI has committed to transforming the Taiwanese economy and industry in the following five major industry fields.

1. The Asian Silicon Valley Project aims to promote innovation and R&D for devices and applications of the internet of things (IoT), including object detection, internet infrastructure, data collection, and application services.
2. The Circular Economy Project involves those industries integrating and supplying energy resources, as well as those offering cyclical use of waste.
3. The New Agriculture Project covers agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry & related processing industries, machinery manufacturing/leasing industries, and wholesale business, etc.
4. The Intelligent Machinery Project brings together elements of smart technology, such as big data, virtual reality and real world integration, and 3D printing, etc.
5. The Biomedicine Project covers applied biotechnology industries, pharmaceutical industries, and medical devices industries.