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The Revolutionary “Color Recognition Chips” of Spectrometer-Like Systems

Principal Investigator:Po-Tong Wang, Assistant Professor of Minghsin University of Science and Technology



Color recognition chips based on color vision characteristics of human eyes. Color
recognition chips based on CIE (International Commission on Illumination) colorimetric.
Color recognition chip fused of spectrometer-like color recognition and machine vision.
Color recognition chips perform1000 times faster than PCs do, and easily embedded in
industrial and consumer color inspection products.


Industrial applications: textile, printing, automobile, dye color materials, footwear,
cosmetics, beauty, agricultural products.
Consumer products: ubiquitous color detection portable device.

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Team Introduction

The startup team, MUST Intelligence Technology (MIT), employ successful experts from the industries, academia and research organizations. The project has long been co-developed with the Research and Development Center, the Textile Research Center, domestic, international color and machine vision experts. Based on machine learning and mutual artificial intelligence kernels, modular chip-level-engineering is the core of the technology, successfully know-how transferred from experienced experts to mass-production.

Goals and Plan

Product milestones:

    1. (6~12 months) "Color recognition Spectrometer-like System" began shipping.
    2. (6~18 months) "Color recognition Spectrometer-like chips”, ASIC trial production.
    3. (18~36 months)"Color recognition Spectrometer-like SoC”, trial production of AI SoC (ASIC).
    4. (18~36 months) The color standard of the "Color Machine Vision intelligent Cloud" is a virtual reality integration super research center.
Entry Barrier

"Color Machine Vision" has the advantage of disruptive innovation. Color recognition Spectrometer-like chips, based on "color recognition" and "machine vision" advantages of color-sensing devices, are value-added innovation technology in the market. Color recognition Spectrometer-like chips perform machine vision for high-precision color inspection, and replace the traditional expensive spectrometer that cannot be used online. This innovative technology can solve 70% of industrial sensors depended on expensive imported equipment from other countries.

Market Scope

Marketing plan (01~02):(B2C、B2B or B2B2C) Start-up stage: B-B for specified COLORai modules Grow-up stage: Cloud-stores for customized products.

Sales channels (03):ODM for industrial COLORai modules.

Business models (04~05):

    1. ODM or OEM for COLORai modules.
    2. AI machine vision IP license.

Market size of machine vision worth $5.49 billion in 2019, tactical forecast: 2014~2019 CAGR 29%