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Bidens Pilosa Phytogenics Feed Additive: Non-Chemical Anticoccidial Drugs On Coccidiosis in Chickens

Principal Investigator:Lee-Tian Chang, Professor of National Chung-Hsing University


Avian coccidiosis continues to be a source of significant economic loss to poultry industry. Losses associated with coccidiosis both direct and indirect components include; the cost of death of sick chicks and potential consequences to poultry health from resistance to chemoprophylaxis from chemical anticoccidial drugs. Despite the availability of many anticoccidial drugs, drug residues and drug resistant pathogenic protozoa and bacteria induced issue on food safety. Governments will start the ban on consumption of anti-coccidial drugs as a source of animal feed additives. Increasing consumer demand for safe food products has fueled the development of natural, edible plant-based alternatives for coccidial control in poultry farming. Plants have long been the main source of drugs for humans and animals against microbial infections. Therefore, the development of edible plants as feed additives to achieve the above goals of our project. The Bidens pilosa phytogenic feed additive developed by our team has the advantage without side effects of antimicriobial agents against coccidiosis related diseases in chickens. The relevant intellectual property patents have also been prepared and can directly enter the feed (additive) market for profit. At the same time, derivative high-quality chicken meat/eggs will also be favored by different consumer markets and marketing models. Our team also possesses full quality control technology for Bidens pilosa formula feed additives, and will use this Industrial Value Creation Program funding for advanced marketing, promotion and profit-making.

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Team Introduction
  1. Company developing natural safety products and derived poultry products to improve chicken coccidiosis, derivation problems and human consumer health/efficiency.
  2. The team that developed natural and safe phytogenics for livestock and poultry feed additives. We researched and developed related products on Bidens pilosa more than 18 years. Relevant research results have been published by international journals and obtained patents on anti-coccidial effects and applied derivative patents on improving intestinal bacteria and chicken meat quality.
Goals and Plan

Established a new company to complete works on production, quality control and marketing non-chemical anticoccidial product: Bidens pilosa phytogenics feed additive.

Entry Barrier
  1. Bidens pilosa formula feed additive will now advance to the international market. This market of natural safe anti-coccidial chicken feed additives will be more than 10 billion US dollars.
  2. Replace the chemical anticoccidial drug market because Bidens pilosa formula feed additive shows no residue and no drug resistance.
  3. Excellent competition in the market for natural anticoccidial feed additives because Bidens pilosa formula feed additive owns novel anti-coccidial mechanism, known anticoccidial active ingredients and edible safety product.
  4. Improving anti-coccidial effects on combined Bidens pilosa formula feed additive and anti-coccidial vaccine.   
Market Scope

Using chemical anti-coccidial drugs as feed additive will be banned in 2021, and the global anti-coccidial market reached $29.62 B US dollars by 2024 (Industry Reports).

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