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Advanced Heuristic Business KYC Platform

TKU Shaw, Ruey-Shiang, Ph.D.

 KYCRight Heuristic Advanced Business Due-Diligence KYC Platform

KYCRight is a big data system total solution which provided clients One-Stop-Shop online corporate due diligence and know-your-customer (KYC) service.

The system constantly collects and analyze internet data and provide the assistant to traditional labor-intensive manual review process with the extensive cloud computing power, machine reading comprehension algorithms and machine learning techniques.

The enhanced results improve the risk management quality while the non-stop 24x7 machine learning process provides the much earlier warnings than current manual process. KYCRight will be able to integrate with client data feeds, successfully identify suspicious activities, reduce the fraud transactions, and improve business market competitiveness.

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Fundraising Target

The team is seeking to raise seed round funding of NT$30 million dollar by the end of 2020.