Principal Investigator:Ming Yao MD 

AHEAD team focusing on developing diagnostic and disease assessment tools for blood cancer treatment using artificial intelligence and help physicians tackling challenges in blood cancer management.

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Team Introduction

Our team consist of hematologists, key opinion leaders from hematology society, AI engineers, data scientist, marketers, serial entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical executives.      

Goals and Plan

Our vision is to create tools to support physician for every types of blood cancer treatment and at each critical clinical decision point. We plan to spin-off from the universities by 2020 and prepare for our first residual leukemia cell detection model FDA SaMD submission.

Entry Barrier

Our AHEAD models will be protected by patent and trade secrets in our future startup operation.

Market Scope

     There are 1.5 millions of new diagnosed blood cancer patients each year and the estimated flow cytometry interpretation demand is around 20 millions interpretation.