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Active 3D indoor scan, positioning and navigation

Principal Investigator:Ching-Cherng Sun, Professor of National Central University

The project is aimed to found a new company, named Central Intelligent Vision (CIVIS), in 2019 with the advanced technology including optics & photonics, image processing, communication engineering, artificial intelligence, internet of things and clouding technique. The goal of the company is to provide a global IoT platform so that the indoor spatial information can be extensively utilized in home care, indoor positioning & navigation, homeland security, virtual reality and other novel applications.

In summary, the project can outlined as

    • A precise optical scan technology will be developed, and accordingly high-resolution 3D indoor space information can be automatic generated.
    • mage processing based AI technology incorporated with 3D image fusion and object recognition will be developed to construct an all-object based 3D indoor database.
    • An internet platform with the 3D indoor database will be launched to provide all kinds of service.

To achieve the goal of the project, we start to develop all technology and hope to become a leader in short/mid range 3D scanning and image fusion in 2019. Simultaneously, we will enter the global market in 3D indoor navigation and VR/AR. In 2021, we hope to become the main player for 3D indoor information application.   

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Team Introduction

The projector leader, Prof. Ching-Cherng Sun, is currently a Chair Professor in the Department of Optics and Photonics. Prof. Sun has fruitful experience in industry-academia collaboration. He was awarded Outstanding Research Award from MOST, Industry Award from MOEA, and Outstanding Technology Transfer Award from MOST. He has ever served for Independent Director in three IOP/public companies, and founded a new company from National Central University. He is currently is Fellow of SPIE and OSA, and an inventor for more than 100 patents.

Goals and Plan
Entry Barrier

CIVIS team includes experts in the area of optical scanning technology, AI object recognition. indoor navigation software, AR/VR technology, and Fog computing platform, to develop a smart indoor autonomous vehicle and service robot that can provide an innovative and unique service by integrating online business with a physical retail store so that the services can help physical retail store to expand their business 10 to 100 times on the virtual stores. CIVIS business services can earn a percentage of the increased business profit from the retail store.

Market Scope