Drug Development of Formulated Curcumin Derivatives for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Principal Investigator: Prof. Ih-Jen Su 

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the major ageing-related human disease and its importance will increase when the average life span extends. So far no target-specific effective drug is available. Our candidate compound ASC#6 was screened from 15 lead compounds and targets at major and multiple AD pathways including anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, decrease ofβ-amyloid (Aβ), regulating cholesterol and ApoE. ASC#6 is now undergoing optimization by novel formulation to improve the bioavailability. This development brings spotlight again in developing target drugs for AD, especially at their early stage disease. The milestone of development will reach IND in 2019, phase I trial in 2020-2021, Phase IIa trial in 2022-2023. A spin-off company will be launched in 2018, licensed out in 2023 after completing Phase IIa trial for the licensing value of one billion US dollars.

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Goals and Plan
Entry Barrier

This ASC#6 compound has the feature of multiple target and specific drug for AD, especially for early stage disease, and will replace the current market AD drugs which provide only symptomatic relief. After improving the bioavailability, no much barrier exists. Patent protection includes compound, formulation, mechanism & indication.

Market Scope

This ASC#6 compound will be developed as a unicorn and unmet need drug for AD, and will replace the current market drugs for AD. The market value is estimated at beyond 10 billions US dollars per year.

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