Intelligent Machinery

Development of On-Line Measuring Instruments and an Information Integration System for Smart Machines

NCHU Chien-Hung Liu


 Laser Application Technology Co., Ltd.

Laser Application Technology is Taiwan's first company specializing in the R&D and manufacture of wearable devices for the use in smart manufacturing. LATC promotes the ideas of domestic production of wearable devices for smart manufacturing industry, and aims to provide smart wearable devices for smart factories and critical processing components for 5G networking industry.

LATC desires to solve three major problems in Taiwanese smart manufacturing and precision measuring instruments today. The problems are over-dependence on foreign technology, excessively high costs, and insufficient control over technology. They collectively impede domestic industries from improving their precision processing techniques.

LATC has developed a serious of smart manufacturing wearable devices, including Laser Tool Checker, Thermal Laser Checker, RP Laser Checker, and Robotic TCP Tool Checker, to help equip customers with the capabilities of machining a variety of materials, going on mass production, reliable processing precision, real-time measurement offset and on-line monitoring.

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Funding Raised

We raised around NT$50 million in first round of funding in 2019. The post-money valuation is expected to reach NT$200 million.

Fundraising Target

A new round of funding will be planned in the third quarter, following the product shipment in the first quarter of 2020.