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Fast Measurement and Calibration for Millimeter-Wave Phased Array Antenna Production Line to Provide High-Quality Communication

NTU Hsi-Tseng Chou

5G/B5G, low-orbit satellite communications and ADAS systems are booming in world-wide market. They will employ active phased arrays of antennas at mmWave frequencies. Due to their high sensitivity to fabrication discrepancy in materials and manufacture accuracy, piece-by-piece calibration is required in production lines to assure radiation stability, and incurs unbearable cost. This high cost is resulted from sophisticated antenna system architecture and inefficient calibration in mass production by mechanical-scan techniques to cause poor yield.

Our technology utilizes active RF devices to calibrate the array antenna beams, which breaks through traditional iterative mechanical architecture scanning. Key features include the following:
1. Reduction of implementation space for production lines.
2. Reduction of calibration time from "hours" to "seconds" Level (less than 1% of conventional mechanical scan technique), system cost reduced by 60%.
3. Simplification of beamforming circuit layout to reduce losses and improve characteristics.
4. Integration particularly suitable to the production line system to reduce production cost by its “second”-level calibration speed.

System products:
1. Array antenna phase shifter correction software package.
2. Vertical multi-axis robot antenna measurement system.
3. Low-cost scalable compact range antenna measurement field architecture.
4. Vertical multi-axis robot integrated compact antenna measurement system.
5. Electronic flat antenna measurement system.

 Team Members

PI: Prof. Hsi-Tseng Chou, IEEE Fellow

  • 29 years of experience in the antenna sector
  • Deputy Dean of ECE college and Dean of R&D office, Yuan Ze University
  • Consultant experiences with Wistron NeWeb and Microelectronics
  • Technology (MTI); Board member of Radiation Tech.


 Fundraising Target

Plan to launch a startup by mid-2021, and raise a NT$20M funding round in Q1 2021, mainly from strategic investors.