Intelligent Machinery

A Novel Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing System and Turnkey Solution for Aluminum Alloy Wing Components

Principal Investigator:Jing-Chung Shen, Professor of National Formosa University

This product features a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) based on the "Smart Pallet Exchange Module". First, 3D production line modeling, and assist with high-level 3D simulation software, after all we can fast propose process solutions for end users. Import "Laser R-Test" to optimizes the accuracy of online manufacture equipment with measurement, analysis and compensation. Integrated the "M2M Smart Machine Engine" which is the best front-end information gathering platform, which can receive various sensors information for big data collection and analysis. It is capable to execute the immediate decision-making

“Smart Pallet Exchange Module”: It is used for flexible manufacturing lines which can switch manual or automatic functions in clamping the workpieces. This module has a pallet identification function with a common positioning interface design. The pallet, processing machines, and workpieces are integrated into a composite matrix process for automatic replacement, which makes the pallet or workpiece into next process smoothly and rapidly. It is suitable for multi-process composite processing.

“Laser R-Test”: Currently, the commercial measurement instruments are not available to reach the function of automatic connection and compensation to machine tools. Moreover, the contacting measuring is the mainstream method for error detection, which is easier to damage the detect device and is unable to conduct dynamic measurement. Therefore, our team developed the optical measuring system, Laser Radius-Test, for automatically connecting and compensation. The compensation value will be written to the controller parameters by the system software in achieving full-automatically compensation.

“M2M Smart Machine Engine”: It is suitable for all manufacturing factories, maker or end user. The Smart Machine Engine can monitor status of the production line for all equipment, including machine tools, robotic arm, and automated PLC system. The Smart Machine Engine also has an external wireless sensor module, which can be used to monitor the device temperature, vibration, and acoustic deviation.

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Team Introduction

Because the processing equipment industry and the yield are insufficient, and the lack of complete and proper system solutions, business is often hesitant, fear of investment in new equipment. The team according to the newly developed five key components of hardware and software products as the core. The establishment of peer competition technology threshold. We will create a business-oriented intelligent manufacturing system planning services and manufacturing companies. The team has a number of experienced tool industry R & D elite, coupled with senior corporate executives and school researchers composed of a strong software design team, and familiar with the aerospace market, senior consultants, can provide customers the best technical services. The team to quickly meet customer demand for the highest customer management purposes, the team's senior manager has many years of industry experience, can be a wealth of personal experience and corporate vision goals combined and achieved. Chief Executive Officer: LIN, CHAO-YUAN holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Taiwan University of Science and Technology and with thirty years of experience in the machine tool industry. He has served as the world's third largest machine tool manufacturing multinational group - FAIR FRIEND GROUP R & D center deputy general manager. In addition, the team also has specialized hardware and software R & D personnel, LIN, CHAO-YUAN will lead the management team layout of the future and expand the company's competitive advantage. The team will be more sophisticated and intelligent manufacturing integration technology, the development of a deeper hardware and software key technologies to achieve high reliability, high efficiency system operation, in pursuit of European and American technology as the goal.

Goals and Plan
Entry Barrier

The company has a strong R & D team, CEO served as deputy general manager of multinational group R & D, for the development of product development team can be closer to the market demand and the international market. Members have decades of precision tooling R & D design and analysis and testing, as well as automated production line dedicated machine design and manufacturing and software development experience, this point for the general automation integration company lacks.

The company has five core products and technologies, including: Intelligent pallets module quick change mode, intelligent machine box, embedded online five-axis measurement, processing program optimization, AI intelligent scheduling software and fixture design expertise Technical barriers to competition among industries. The company specializes in low cost advantages of domestic machine tools, providing high C / P value system solutions, from the production line planning simulation analysis, to custom equipment design, software design and system integration to provide TURN-KEY Solution service.

To provide intelligent networking, pre-diagnosis and CPS virtual reality integration technology to industrial 4.0 technology integration manufacturing process and equipment to become intelligent manufacturing system.

Market Scope 

The main technology of the team is to machine processing for the production line equipment, the establishment of automated production line required for the mechanical and electrical core technology. Especially on the basis of Robotic FMS, into the Industry 4.0 manufacturing and artificial intelligence. The intelligent of the manufacturing system to machine tools as the main vehicle, sales targets include: aerospace, automotive, medical, hardware industry, etc., and according to tool machine parts Association statistics, tool machine market in Taiwan nearly 5 years average output value of about 114 billion NT. According to the tool industry revenue statistics, which used in the whole line system, the proportion of low, the average less than 5%, so there is a very high growth space. For the market share forecast, due to the lack of automation development is an inevitable trend, countries are trying to promote the intelligent of manufacturing and industry 4.0. If the proportion of the whole line system grows to 10%, the market size of up to 11.4 billion, the entrepreneurial team goal to obtain 1% system for the system share, estimated revenue of up to 1.14 billion Taiwan dollars.

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