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Herbmedotcin™ A Novel high efficient and safe bactericide

Principle Investigator: Han-Jia Lin, Ph.D. of National Taiwan Ocean University


A new generation antibacterial agent synthesized with natural organic materials by exclusive technology. This material is biologically safe and has excellent antibacterial activity. In addition to medical applications in humans, it can also be applied in feed or as antiseptics in agriculture and aquaculture.

    • Antimicrobial carbon has long history: Chinese using ash of Mugwort (Artemisia argyi) for wound disinfection and healing.
    • Giant Bio Tech: a group of professors, experts in chemistry, engineering, biotechnology, veterinary medicine in Taiwan. We find out novel applications of carbon.
    • Super Carbon-Dots (SC–dots): A Novel high efficient, broad spectrum and safe bactericide is the first product of CVG.

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