Circular Economy

The Sustainable and Recycling Manufacturing Process of Precious Metal of the Waste Electronic Product/Whole-Plant Equipment Output

Principal Investigator:Rome-Ming Wu, Ph.D. of Tamkang University

E-waste contains precious and special metals, including gold, silver, palladium and etc. Gold sieving technology can solve this problem efficiently by using our special equipment. For those companies who take responsibility of protecting our environment, we provide high-speed, efficient, eco-friendly process to reach sustainable development. You will be assured of high quality gold sieving equipment at exquisite prices.

    • Compared to traditional process, our equipment can reach to extract more than 30% of gold
    • Gold Sieve Product CF-100 is twice as faster as traditional gold recovery process by its high speed processing
    • Filtering and selecting metals simultaneously
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Team Introduction

Management comprises a team of top elites with profound experience, committed to deliver complete services for renewable resources to accommodate the needs of customers. We actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility to enhance the environment to reach eco-friendly. To achieve the goal of excellence professional , principle of honesty and faith, go green and circulating, and sustainable development, we keep working hard and persistently in this field.

Rome-Ming Wu, Chairman:Rome-Ming Wu holds a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering awarded by National Taiwan University. Until now, he has been served Tamkang University in department of chemical and materials engineering for 14 years. Moreover, Prof. Wu invented Golden Pan Machine, which acquires patents in Taiwan, America, and China. He also won gold medal of Taiwan International Invention Show and silver medal of Moscow international salon of inventions and innovation technologies . Prof. Wu continues to lead our team to deploy for the future and strengthen the Company’s competitive edge, he will also create a better working environment and employment opportunities.

Goals and Plan
Entry Barrier

We have strong research and development team. We hold at least 3 patents for our products. Golden Pan Machine itself also has three patents in Taiwan, America, and China. We commit to deliver good quality of products and advanced technology for renewable resources.

Compared to the traditional gold recovery process, Golden Pan Machine can improve the rate of filtering and selecting, and the rate of extracting gold to 99%. It can reduce human resources costs because of continuous operation and filtration and selection simultaneously. Owing to the improvement of gold sieving technology, we can use less chemical gold stripper to achieve the desired results.

In the future, we will strengthen our technology to handle IC electronic components. At that time, we have potential to build our own package plant export. Our aim is to achieve the goal of raising recycling precious metals rates to reach eco-friendly. With the high quality and high efficiency products, we hope we can go into market in Taiwan universally.

Market Scope

According to the statistics of United Nations University, the global electronic wastes in 2014 have reached up to 41.8 million MT and it is estimated that there are 300MT gold, 1000MT silver and 100MT palladium. Other raw materials like copper, iron, aluminum, plastics, etc. also have the recovery value and the total value estimates to be NTD$ 1600 billion. With the yearly growth rate of 4% to 5%, it is estimated that it will reach to 49.8 million MT in 2018, which is enough to show the high added value of electronic wastes and the substantial included benefits. We estimate to appear on the market in 2018 and hold the 1% market share. It will bring about700 million revenue (NTD).