Circular Economy


Principal Investigator: Chin-Huai Young, Ph.D. of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

The main purpose of the company “Taiwan Heat Insulation Solar Glass CORP”( TAIWAN HISG) is to manufacture and commercialize the customized Heat Insulation Solar Glass (HISG) for Zero Energy Buildings in all over the world and reduce the crisis of Global Warming problems for next generation based on the successful Heat Insulation Solar Glass ( HISG) developed by Prof. Chin-Huai Young.

The highlights of this product are listed below:

    • This product was granted by the European Union as a Marie Curie Award to Prof. Young due to his outstanding contribution to the environment. In additions, HISG demo house was built at the campus of University of Nottingham in United Kingdom as a promotion base for European Zero Energy Buildings in 2014.
    • This product had been introduced by Discovery Channel as a new developed green building material for the future world in 2011. The broadcast of Discovery Channel is very helpful for promoting this product in the world.
    • This product was also recognized by the King of Dubai. Two main officers of the airport construction team were appointed to investigate HISG at NTUST in March 2017. Currently, we are negotiating about the application of HISG on the Al Maktoum International Airport, which will be the biggest airport in the world and the first stage construction will be finished by 2022.
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Team Introduction

There are three main teams in our group. The first team assigned as product technology team is led by Prof. Young. The second team assigned as product management and promotion team is led by Prof. Chou. The third team assigned as product certification team is led by Taiwan Architecture& Building Center. Taiwan Architecture& Building Center was invited into this group to assist product certification and promotion due to they had outstanding experience in green buildings design and setting up standard of green materials.

Project Leader, Prof. C.H. Young, who invented the Heat Insulation Solar Glass (HISG) was interviewed by Discovery Channel in 2011 for his outstanding invention to the human beings. Then, he received the Marie Curie Award to promote the product in European countries for zero energy building.

Co-Principal Investigator, Prof. S.Y. Chou, is well known as an expert on marketing and trading affairs on network. He can assist in promoting the product of HISG into the global market.

CEO of Taiwan Architecture& Building Center, S.J. Hsu, who was famous for his experience about the green building planning and green buildings and green materials certification, can assist our product to get the certification of TUV, LEED and Local green materials certification.

Goals and Plan

The schedule for the technical development of this project is shown below in the Gantt chart.

Entry Barrier

HISG can possess both higher power generation and lower heat transmittance, i.e., it can both generate renewable energy and save cooling and heating energy consumption. It satisfies the requirement of Zero Energy Buildings and will become a tendency for the future energy efficient buildings. According to an in-situ testing, there were two glass houses with the same size. One is a glass house with Low Emissivity Glass, another is a glass house with HISG. However, the glass house with HISG could generate enough power to supply its cooling system and still remain 1.19 kWh sent back to grid due to its higher solar supply and low energy consumption capability. Compared with ordinary heat insulation Low Emissivity Glass house, it still required 10.07 kWh from grid. This result has reached the level of zero energy buildings. It’s very unique in the world with such a distinctive feature. According to the market study, the ONXY see through solar panel could generate 55W/m2 without the function of insulation, meanwhile, a new invention of full see through solar panel developed by MIT possesses only 20 W/m2 from its Laboratory report. The HISG, generating 88 W/m2 and saving 50 % cooling and heating consumption, has reached the best capability in the world for commercial application. Thus, it is a barrier that other companies cannot breakthrough in a short time.

Market Scope

Zero energy building will be the trend of buildings in the future. It is a common goal among EU countries and some advanced countries in the world. In 2020, the traditional energy consumption of buildings is set as near zero energy level in Europe. It means that the buildings can only consume 0 -25 kWh/m2 in one year. In order to reach the target, one needs to both increase renewable energy and reduce energy consumption from air-conditioning and heating system. The HISG, possessing both characteristics, will be widely used in the future. This product is mainly applied on the skylight and vertical window and facade of buildings. The current price is around US$300 dollars per square meter. In the global market, it’s estimated that our product can be applied on up to fifty buildings with ten stories per year. Therefore, the market scale is estimated to US$ 30 million dollars every year. Calculated by 30% profit, the annual amount of profit can be up to US$ 9 million dollars.

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