Intelligent Machinery

DIRECT Liquid Inspection Modules for Industrial Users

Principal Investigator:In-Gann Chen, Professor

With the progress of industry development, the technology of nano-scaled inspection for product quality and yield rate has become more and more important. The importance of liquid sample inspection increases while the optical instruments are unable to inspect those samples. Electron beam inspection technology can provide better analyzing function than optical method, however the former technology cannot be used to inspect liquid or wet samples directly in the vacuum chamber. Moreover, the samples for electron beam inspection are usually under complicated sample preparation, thus liquid or wet samples cannot be used for in-situ image survey and analyzation in their original states. Because of the above difficulties, our team develops the “Industrial liquid inspection module”, which contains many unique strengths:

    • Liquid reality.
    • High efficiency.
    • High compatibility with in-house equipment.
    • Integrating with current process.
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Team Introduction

The team is originated from professional inspection lab of Center of Micro/Nano Science and Technology (CMNST) in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). Due to long-term cooperation with industrial customers, the team has strong insights of industrial needs and has developed advanced technology in this field. Our team includes experienced R&D experts and marketing professionals. Our goal is to offer direct liquid inspection modules to accelerate the technical progress of industrial customers in the world.

Goals and Plan
Entry Barrier

New generation of electron beam with a liquid sample stage is used to fulfill the needs of the measurement, examination, and analysis of fabrication and development. Moreover, a novel principle of measurement and inspection is applied on imaging and component analysis. With this novel technology, liquid samples with high viscosity and opacity can be analyzed directly in their original states. Electron beam is utilized to inspect liquid samples to analyze their particle distribution, dispersibility, homogeneity, concentration, shape, and component and form actual images of liquid samples in their original states. The compatible inspection platform can satisfy the demands for examination and testing of liquids from various industries. Compare with other technology, this technology is especially outstanding on the paste and particle analysis, and it has superiority in wider application.

Market Scope