Intelligent Machinery

Development of On-Line Measuring Instruments and an Information Integration System for Smart Machines

Principal Investigator:Chien-Hung Liu, Ph.D., Professor of National Chung Hsing University

The goal of this project is the development of intelligent systems for rapid online measurement and error diagnosis and compensation for 3 and 5-axis machine tools. The intention is also to fill the gap between intelligent measurement technology and smart machining in Taiwan, with the infrastructure and resources to be provided by this project. A comprehensive cloud platform will be developed that will integrate novel online measurement and diagnostic technology for 5-axis machine tools, an online measurement system for ultrasonic machining, a sensing and monitoring system for the machining environment, and manufacturing process analysis technology. This results of this project will raise the value and the quality level of products, as well as the reputation of machining technology in Taiwan. This team has already developed and mastered several "Wearable Devices" for monitoring Machine Tools. All the key prototypes and technologies developed as products by the team will be launched onto the market by a new company. These products and technologies will serve as the solid foundation for the company and the aims are:

    1. It will be completely self-supportive in the development and manufacture of online measurement instrumentation for the Taiwan machinery industry.
    2. Improvement of the accuracy and performance of Taiwan machine tools will be a main objective as well as helping Taiwanese companies to increase their share of world machinery market to 15%.
    3. The building of a world class industry of intelligent instrumentation that is rooted in Taiwan, and will create billions in profits.
    4. To become a World leader in intelligent instrumentation for machine tools.   
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Team Introduction

The team includes professional talent from the field of academic theory, electronic control technology, software development, hardware design, assembly verification, and a machine factory will collaborate with us and has offered their full cooperation. The team will engage in the development of products and technologies that can be used for real-time measurement and compensation of positioning, deformation and stand-off error in machine tools and robots. And analysis will allow the necessary compensation or adjustments to be applied automatically. This will improve equipment accuracy, performance, domestic measurement technology and reduce the cost of using foreign equipment. 

Professor Dr. Chien-Hung Liu, Chairman: Dr. Chien-Hung Liu was awarded a PhD in Mechanical Engineering by the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in 2000. His current research focuses on wearable devices for machine tool, high precision instrumentation, Laser engineering, optical measurement, smart sensors and optical devices. 

Mr. Yu-Hsuan Chen, Senior Researcher: Mr. Chen has a Bachelor’s degree from the National Cheng Kung University and a Master’s degree from the National Taiwan University. He has held positions in several foreign companies (CORNING, KLA-Tencor & Yahoo) over the past decade and is experienced in facility and production management. Mr. Chen is familiar with internet marketing management and will develop an efficient management model and network/cloud system for the startup team which will extend domestic and global business. He will lead the team towards a world leading position in on-line intelligent measurement instrumentation.

Goals and Plan
Entry Barrier 
  1. Five-axis On-line Checker:
    • The World's first measurement device to implement and solve on-line error diagnosis in 5 axis machine tools.
    • Innovative machine adjustments can be carried out for 5-axis contouring. This is the first application of expert processing technology for five-axis machining.
    • An excellent AI technology measurement device for machine tool data collection.
  2. Ultrasonic On-line Checker:
    • The World's first measurement method for high-frequency ultrasonic vibration machining. Online measurement of the high-frequency vibration tool amplitude can be made. A combination of this measuring technique with ultrasonic machining enhances stability and performance.
    • This will be an important measurement device to improve and stabilize processing and yield in the manufacture of future iPhone shells made of ceramic material. 
    • Detector technology for capturing data in the environment surrounding machine tools. A key process analysis tool that is integrated with a one–stop cloud analysis platform.
  3. The World's First system to integrate six Taiwanese-made instruments and capture technology in the surrounding environment of the machine tool. A Key process analysis tool has been developed that integrates with a one-stop cloud analysis platform. The Team will continue to keep a focus on the development of Wearable Devices for machine tool monitoring and measurement. 
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