Pitch to International Venture Capitals: Session B

In an attempt to expand the social and economic benefits of scientific research, the Ministry of Science and Technology created the “Trust-U Program”, synthesizing the energy of academia and research institutions. The goal of the plan is to accelerate the technology and market development capabilities of startup teams and help establish world-class startups or connect them to domestic enterprises in order to advance technology through merger and acquisition (M&A).

In order to help expose Taiwanese startup teams and their technologies to international venture capitals, TSI held an international venture pitch event inviting American, German, Japanese, Singaporean, and Taiwanese venture capitalists. Taiwan’s startup circle has been pushing for more international collaboration opportunities and now the government is actively working to connect local startup teams with international venture capitalists — creating more in-person networking opportunities.

VIP guests including

alubi capital GmbH Founder Alfred Moeckel
BaseCamp Founder&President Uzy Zwebner
Taipei Tech Star CIO Zhi-hao Li
WI Harper Group Partner Yvonne Chen
Taiwan Startup Institute CEO Ryan Yang
Trust-U Program Principal Investigator Ping-Hei Chen

Activity Poster

Ping-Hei Chen (陳炳煇), Host of New Type Startup Plan

giving the opening speech


Ryan Yang (楊涵淳), CEO of Taiwan Startup Institute,

introducing the startup teams and the Trust-U Program.

Lively discussion between guests and startup teams.

Lively discussion between guests and venture teams

Ryan Yang, CEO of Taiwan Startup Institute, giving closing remarks.

Group photo