International Technology Application Communication Conference

In order to connect startup teams with world trends in applied technology, Taiwan Startup Institute invited leading Euro-American applied technology companies to speak on technology commercialization. The conference also strived to build potential partnership opportunities for Taiwanese startups.


Guests included

  1. Velodyne LiDAR

          The world-leading light sensor distributor for self-driving cars, the company has received US$150 million in investment funds from Ford and Baidu.

  1. RATP Transport à Paris et en Ile-de-France

          Today RATP is still responsible for most of the public transportation in Paris and its surrounding Île-de-France region, including the Paris Métro, tram, and bus services and part of the Réseau Express Régional (RER) network. In the Île-de-France region, RATP carries about 3 billion passengers every year.

  1. 7Starlake

          7Starlake Co. Ltd. focuses on providing practical and enduring proposals, services, and technologies; supporting and equipping their clients to innovate, grow, and lead.


Ryan Yang (楊涵淳), CEO of Taiwan Startup Institute, discussing future self-driving trends with Wei Wong (翁緯), Velodyne’s Asia Regional Director of Marketing.


Wong Wei introducing the applications of Velodyne’s products.


RATP Pablo Romero speaking about trends in global transportation industries and the possibilities for commercializing self-driving cars.


Q&A time

巴黎大眾運輸公司 副處長 – Pablo Romero(左一), 7-Starlake 總經理- 丁彥允(左二), 產學研鏈結中心 執行長 – 楊涵淳(中), Velodyne LiDAR – 亞洲區市場總監 翁緯(右二), 產學研鏈結中心 計畫主持人- 李達生(右一)

Group photo